Interviews from Eminent Personalities

We interview eminent personalities to learn from their journey and past experience. Recently, Mr. Ajay Thakur, The Chief Executive Officer BSE-SME(small and medium enterprises) shared his in-depth knowledge about funding & stock marketing. In one of the webinars, Mr. Ajay Thakur also guided us on how we can list our company in the stock market and what are the benefits of it.

VC Funding Guidance

Complete knowledge of the funding resources before thinking about generating funds is a must. To make the process of generating funds a bit easy we give complete guidance on the popular VC funding to our members.

Venture Capital is a private institutional investment made to start-up companies at every stage. Investors can be individuals who put their money into the business or a venture capital company that invests the total fund accumulated into a portfolio of more than one business.

These days venture capital is a lot more flexible than it was earlier. VC money is invested at all stages of startup growth, starting from early-stage to growth-stage, and late-stage ventures.

Best Startup Pitch Practices

For any startup, fundraising is the essential step as breathing for living beings and for raising the funds one must know how to pitch? Because a successful pitch has the potential to generate funds for the company and helps in the jumpstart of the business. And you know “People are going to make a quick decision about your pitch”.

Hence, the pitch needs to be impactful and compelling.