What We Do

  • Provide support to Business Ventures.
  • We Help MSMEs raise Growth Funds.
  • Assist MSMEs to avail Govt. Benefits.
  • Represent MSMEs Interest on Official platforms.

About Us

MSME IPO CHAMBER is a non-profit organization founded with group efforts of various serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, corporate professionals and business experts. Understanding the benefit of “Grow Together”, we are sharing not only our experience related to MSME IPO….


To match our working culture, engage our members, and leave an impression that will last long after the activities end, we host various events.
To understand the importance of stock marketing and infused to fund the company’s growth & expansion plans. We have recently invited Mr. Ajay Thakur, The Chief Executive Officer BSE-SME (small and medium enterprises) to bring the light on “How to list your company in the stock market and their benefits” through the webinar.


Interviews from Eminent Personalities
We interview eminent personalities to learn from their journey and past experience. Recently Mr. Ajay Thakur shared his experience in funding and stock marketing. In one of the webinars, he also guided us on “how to list your company in the stock market and its benefits”…